1890 to 1892


The Lougheed Block and Mariaggi's Restaurant, where the Club first rented rooms.


Rooms are leased above Mariaggi's Restaurant on Stephen Avenue and on May 5th, the 'Pack of Western Wolves' formally establishes The Ranchmen's Club.
The population of Calgary was 3876.


The Club purchased 3 lots on McIntyre Avenue (7th Ave. S.W.) for $2,250. The new clubhouse was completed in July. The total cost for the building, furniture and a billiard table was around $8,000.


Calgary is incorporated as a city

1904 to 1912


COM proposed providing meals to members. Construction began to include a bar, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen at the club.


Membership reached 135.


E.B. Johnson was hired as the first Club Manager.
Sir James Lougheed arranged for The Club to buy our current property for $78,000. The original clubhouse and property were sold for $300,000.
Member A.E. Cross co-founded the Calgary Stampede.
13th Avenue looking west: the Peter McCArthy/Van Wart house is on the right and across the street is the Lougheed House. Sir James Lougheed arranged for The Club to buy our current property for $78,000. The Van Wart property was demolished to build the clubhouse we have today.

1914 to 1917


The new clubhouse, designed by architect R.E. McDonnell, opened. On the east facade is the classic image of a cowboy riding a bucking bronco that would become the club crest.
On August 5th Canada declared war on Germany.
On the east facade is the classic image of a cowboy riding a bucking bronco that would become the club crest, said to have been designed by A.E. Cross.


First Henry Smith golf tournament.


The entire Chinese kitchen staff quit. After lengthy debate, the COM decided to employ women in the kitchen.

1919 to 1925


Mortgage was paid in full. In September, The Club held a white tie dinner in honour of Edward, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Following dinner member, Bob Newboldt, removed his white tuxedo shirt for signing by members and guests including the Prince.


The Lady Associate membership was created, giving women limited privileges, and confining them to the new Sports Annex, ladies lounge and ladies dining room.
The Ranchmen's Club members in 1925

1933 to 1941


The First New Year's Day Levee was held. It was the only function where ladies could enter through the front door.


Internationally recognized artist, Edward Hagell, was commissioned to sketch the founders' names and brands. He was paid $20.


The Club's 50th Anniversary.
The Rogues' Gallery was created.

1949 to 1967


The Picture Club was formed, launching The Club's art collection.


Guy Weadick was a guest of The Club during the Calgary Stampede.


The Ranchmen's Club: A Slight Historical Sketch, 1891-1952, by member George Ballantine Coutts, is the first published history of The Club.


The Club's first television was purchased to be used on a trial basis.


A colour TV was purchased and the first Grey Cup Buffet Luncheon was held.


Motion passed by the COM, that it is the unanimous approval of the committee that from this date there will be no barriers in the club regarding race, creed or color of a member's guest.

1975 to 1982


A Short History of the Ranchmen's Club: A Light-Hearted Account, by John James Saucier, was published to celebrate Calgary's 100th Anniversary.


During a routine inspection the clubhouse was declared unsafe. The cooks claimed to have patched cracks in the kitchen with dough to keep out the cold. Membership decided to demolish and rebuild the interior of the 1914 clubhouse but to keep the exterior walls in tact. All Ordinary Members were charged a special assessment of $2,500. The Estates condominiums were built.
The building of The Estate

1983 to 1989


A President's Reception and grand re-opening celebrated the clubhouse reconstruction.


Third floor rooms were named for people associated with the history of The Club; the Lougheed Room was the first.


Box Car Days commemorated the life and times of the early years of The Ranchmen's Club.


Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, Hollywood producers and I.O.C. members enjoyed The Club during Calgary's Winter Olympics.


The Club purchased its first fax machine.

1990 to 2000


In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Club a Black Tie Dinner was held and Don Begg was commissed to create a commemorative sculpture. Begg used the horse in Edward Hagell's 1937 drawing as a model for the bronze.
The centennial family picnic was held at the Highwood Ranch.


The Centennial Ball was held.
The Palliser Hotel closed its bakery, ending The Club tradition of picking up fresh baked bread, to accompany The Club's famous cheese.


Members voted 147 to 24 to allow women to join The Club as full voting members. Bev Foy became the first female member.


Introduction of casual Fridays in the Wolves Den.


Election of the first female member of the COM.


COM passed a motion to give women access to the entire clubhouse. The 'Gentlemen Only' sign was removed from the billiard room door.

2004 to 2015


The new wine cellar and dining room opened.


Smoking was banned throughout the clubhouse.


The 100th Anniversary of the clubhouse was celebrated and the new historic gardens and exterior lighting were unveiled.


100th Anniversary of the Henry Smith Golf Tournament and the first Dixon-Lang Ladies Gold Proper Tournament.
100th Anniversary of the Henry Smith Golf Tournament.

2016 to 2019


125th Anniversary Black Tie Dinner and Gala was held. The Terrace officially opened. The COM hired The Ranchmen's Club's first female General Manager, Kimberley Iwamoto, CCM, CCE. 125th Anniversary celebrations continued at the Stampede's OH Ranch.
125th Anniversary with President Don Herman.
The Terrace officially opened.
In 1990 Don Begg was commissioned to create a commemorative sculpture, Free Reins, for the 100th Anniversary (right). In 2016 Don Begg was again commissioned and he created Free Spirit (left), in celebration of the Club's 125th Anniversary.
125th Gala with Her Honour, the Honourable Lois Mitchell, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, and President Don Herman.
125th Member photo


The Club celebrated Canada's 150th birthday with a Red and White Ball. During the evening, GM Kim Iwamoto set off fireworks and attracted the attention of the police.


The Club was recognized as Top 100 Platinum Clubs of the World making it the first and only Platinum-ranked club in Alberta.


Dena Dixon was elected as The Club's first female President.