Leagues and Programs


The Ranchmen's Club has a number of leagues and programs to suit your tastes.

  • Ladies Bridge
  • Men's Bridge
  • Mixed Bridge
  • Car Club
  • Henry Smith Golf Program
  • Dixon Lang Golf Program
  • Saturday Slosh League
  • Sporting Events


Bridge at The Ranchmen’s Club has a long and rich history dating back to the early days of the Club. This program is comprised of Men’s Bridge on Tuesday evenings, Ladies Bridge on the first and third Tuesday afternoons each month, and Mixed Bridge on the third Saturday of each month.

Ladies Bridge
The Tuesday Ladies Bridge League is for intermediate plus players. The commitment is from mid September with the Opening Luncheon, until mid April with the Closing Luncheon. The league plays the first and third Tuesday of each month at 12:30pm. Registration occurs annually in the summer for the following season.

Men's Bridge
The Men's Bridge League meets on Tuesday evenings from early October through to early April, excluding the month of December. The focus of the evening is camaraderie, spirit and fun. The style of play is "rubber bridge" with the evening's festivities commencing with a chit bar service at 5:00pm, dinner at 6:00pm and play from 7:00pm - 10:00pm. Registration occurs annually in the summer for the following season.

Mixed Bridge
Mixed Bridge plays each month throughout the year, and is played on the third Saturday of the month. The package includes a set menu dinner at 6:00pm in the A.E. Cross Dining Room, and Pairs Bridge play from 7:00pm - 10:00pm. The date is adjusted for December, April and May so that it does not overlap with major Club events or holidays. Each month, available pairs register with the Front Desk to play, providing us with your bridge partner's name.

Car Club:

The Car Club's inaugural event was in August 2018, touring a private car collection. There is a core group of members that are always brainstorming for the next Car Club event, such as other car collection tours, a car rally, etc. If you have other ideas for Car Club events, please feel free to connect through the Front Desk.

The Henry Smith Golf Program:

Golf Program

The season begins with the Spring Tournament and Dinner, where members and their guests engage in friendly competition at a beautiful course in the afternoon, and dinner at The Club. This is followed by the Henry Smith Proper for men and the Dixon Lang Proper for ladies, both programs running throughout the summer. Every year, after the Fall Tournament and Dinner, the names of the winners are inscribed on the sterling silver Henry Smith and crystal Dixon Lang Trophy Cups.

Henry Smith Golf Tournament History
The Henry Smith Golf Tournament has been played annually since 1915, when the idea for a yearly tournament was first proposed at the Club's monthly Committee meeting of August 11, 1915. According to an early history of The Club, Smith was an avid dry fly fisherman, but an indifferent golfer and was anxious to provide a competition in which the poor player might have at least a little hope. So he "decreed in words succinct" that the lower handicapped player in each draw should give to his opponent, in strokes, the full difference between their handicaps; and there should be no penalty for a lost ball. The player who cannot find his ball drops one where he thinks the first should have been.


The Henry Smith Proper is a tournament that runs throughout the summer, starting after the Spring Tournament. It is double knockout format, with matches determined by a tournament ladder. Matches can be played at any course, and is organized by the match participants. The final matches for the Championship and Consolation are played at the Fall Tournament, and the winners are announced at the Fall Dinner, with the names inscribed on the Henry Smith Championship and Consolation Champion trophies.

Dixon Lang Ladies Golf
The first annual Dixon Lang Proper was introduced in 2015. This is a fun and social nine and dine format that is scheduled at various courses, and runs six dates throughout the summer. The winner is announced at the Fall Dinner, and their name is inscribed on the crystal Dixon Lang Trophy Cup.

SLOSH League:
The Slosh Billiards League is "handicapped partners play", and is designed to be welcoming for beginners, as well as being a challenge for players of all other skill levels. It is a mixed league with both men and women players. The first semester runs from mid September to December and the second semester runs from January to April. 
The league is comprised of 12 teams of 4 players each, with 2 - "A" and "B" skill level players who will play as partners and 2 - "C" and "D" skill level players who will also play as partners. The draws are set up matching A and B skill levels against other A and B skill level counterparts from opposing teams. Similarly, C and D skill levels will play each other. The Allballs and Eversharks are comprised of 6 teams each of 4 players, and will play on alternating Saturdays from 7:00am to 2:00pm. 

Red Suspenders Championships

Our Red Suspenders Championship is a longstanding annual tradition. It consists of four teams playing two matches to win the coveted Red Suspenders. The first match will be between the C and D pairings, followed by the A and B pairings. Once the matches are concluded, a black tie dinner follows, where all of the various league and tournament winners are ackowledged and awarded prizes and tropies.

SLOSH Tournaments
In addition to the regular season play and the Red Suspenders Championship, there are four in-house League tournaments. The two non-handicapped tournaments commence play in September and the two handicapped tournaments commence play in January. Interested players can register for any or all Tournaments. It is recommended that players registering in the singles handicapped tournaments also play in the league in order that a fair handicap can be established for them.

Lessons are available for all skill levels of play. We have league volunteers as well as a Club professional dedicated to teaching everything from basic introductory skills to advanced technique and strategy. For more information please contact the Front Desk and The Club will assist with facilitating to organize an introductory lesson for you. 


The Sporting League is The Ranchmen's Club newest program, which began in 2015. This is comprised of varied and interesting events that include shooting and fly fishing. For all Sporting League events, all levels of skill are encouraged to participate, no license or special equipment is required.

The Sporting League has had many successful events since its' creation in 2015. This has included trap and skeet shooting at various establishments and Clubs, a James Bond themed evening, and fishing trips on the Bow River and the Fraser River in BC. At all of the events, a mixture of beginner to advanced shooting and fishing skills have attended which makes for a wonderful social experience!

There are always fun Sporting events throughout the season, be sure to check the newsletter and email blasts for updates!