Dress Code

The Ranchmen's Club dress code reflects tradition and professionalism.  All areas of the Club require Business Casual attire as a minimum. The Committee of Management thanks all members and visitors to the Club for their cooperation in respecting The Ranchmen's Club dress code. 

Dress Code Definitions

It is the responsibility of members to inform their guests of the Club's dress code.

  • Formal (Black Tie): tuxedo or dark suit and tie for men, long gown for ladies.
  • Business Attire: Jacket required, tie optional for men, equivalent attire for ladies and children
  • Business Casual: Jacket & tie are optional for men, equivalent attire for ladies and children.No denim.

Fridays and Saturdays only:

  • Smart Dress Denim: Items of a solid dark color, no holes, rips or frays.
  • Summer Attire: Tailored, non-denim shorts not less than a 15 centimeter inseam, dress sandals, short sleeve dress shirt and polo type short sleeve shirt.

Inappropriate attire at any time:

Cargo shorts, gym shorts, spandex shorts, cut-off shorts, yoga pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, items with garish, vulgar or offensive language or slogans, tank tops, halter tops or bare midriffs



  • Business Attire
  • Jacket required, tie optional
    * No denim at anytime


The dress code for member events will be noted in The Ranchmen's Club monthly newsletter, as part of the advertisement for each member event.


Members sponsoring an event should inform guests of the dress for that event such as: Formal, Business Attire or Business Casual. Denim is not acceptable unless held on Fridays or Saturdays.


Business casual attire. Smart Dress Denim is acceptable on Friday and Saturday only.


Business casual attire. Smart Dress Denim is acceptable on Friday and Saturday only.


  • Business casual attire
  • Summer Attire is acceptable during terrace season on Friday through Sunday only.
  • Smart dress denim is acceptable on Friday and Saturday only.

In the case of inclement weather during the Terrace season, summer attire is acceptable on Friday and Saturday only in the Wolves Den, Billiards Room and Samson Lounge.


For the safety of all members, guests and staff, coats, hats, scarves, etc. must be left in the Front Desk Cloakroom. There are no coat racks in any of the Club's private rooms and coats hanging on the back of chairs can be hazardous when guests are entering and leaving the rooms, or food and beverages are being served.


Western wear is strongly encouraged throughout the Club during the annual ten days of the Calgary Stampede.