Third Floor Private Rooms

Bennett Room: 

Named for prominent Ranchmen's Club Member Richard Bedford Bennett (1870-1947), this recently renovated premier space is located at the east end of the third floor and is the Club's largest banquet room, accommodating up to 200 people depending on the room set-up and the audiovisual equipment required. This room features some of the most dramatic art from the Club's art collection and can be divided into two smaller rooms with a retractable sound-proof partition wall.

R.B. Bennett was Canada's 11th Prime Minister, and a founding partner of the Bennett Jones LLP international law firm. He lived at the Club during various times when the third floor was used for accommodation. A Canadian lawyer, businessman, politician, and philanthropist, he served as Prime Minister of Canada from August 7, 1930 to October 23, 1935. These were the worst of the Great Depression years, after which he moved to England and was later elevated to the peerage as Viscount Bennett. We are confident he would be proud today of the room that bears his name!


Harford Room

This is the Club's second largest banquet room and is located at the west end of the third floor. It can accommodate up to 120 people, depending on the room set-up and the audiovisual equipment required. With the newly installed retractable sound-proof partition wall, the Harford can now be divided into two smaller rooms, providing even more options for members’ events.

The Harford Room is named for one of the Club's founding members, Hugh Wyndbram Luttrell Harford (1862-1920). A banker and the son of a wealthy British family, he sought adventure on the frontier and for a brief time in the early 1890s, he ranched near High River in partnership with Herbert Samson (namesake for the Samson Lounge on the second floor). In 1895, Harford sold his shares and moved back to England where he succeeded his father in the banking business.

Cochrane Lounge

The Cochrane Lounge is a large multi-purpose space located in the centre of the Club's third floor and features skylights, fireplace and a full-service bar. Finished in a warm and luxurious d├ęcor, it is perfect by itself for stand-up receptions, or used in conjunction with the Bennett, Glenbow and Lougheed Rooms for pre-dinner cocktails and for buffets.

This room is named for the famous Cochrane Ranche, the site of Alberta's first large-scale ranch that operated between 1881 and 1888. The Cochrane Ranche consists of archaeological remains and landscape features on approximately 137 acres overlooking the Bow River, located in a sheltered valley on the west bank of Big Hill Creek and west of the Town of Cochrane.

Lougheed Room

The Lougheed Room, located on the south-side of the Club's third floor, acts as the Ranchmen's Club's Board Room. Overlooking the historic Lougheed House & gardens located directly across the street, it seats sixteen to twenty people around one large square boardroom table. It is an ideal private room for meetings, conference calls and family dinner parties.

Named for Sir James and Lady Lougheed, this is a favourite private room of the Club's members and of the well known Lougheed family. The Lougheeds have been listed on the Club's roster for four generations - including former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed. The art featured in this room includes works done by Peter's niece, Deborah Lougheed Sinclair.

Glenbow Room

The Glenbow Room is a small private dining and meeting room seating up to ten to fourteen people located on the north side of the Club's third floor, opening into the Cochrane Lounge. This space is named for the Harvie family's Glenbow Ranche, which was carved from the vestiges of what was once the historic Cochrane Ranche.

The Glenbow Ranche was purchased by Ranchmen's Club Member Eric Harvie in 1933, who in 1947 won the ultimate Alberta lottery -- he owned the mineral rights to Leduc No. 1, the well near Edmonton where oil was discovered in 1947, ushering in Alberta's petroleum era. The bonanza motivated Eric, a Calgary lawyer, to support the creation of the Glenbow Museum, the Banff School of Fine Arts, Banff's Luxton Museum, the Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park and the Devonian Foundation.