Second Floor Private Rooms

Jephson Room:

The Jephson Room is the largest of the three private dining rooms located on the second floor, in what was originally one large Ladies Dining Room. This multi-use room can accommodate four tables of eight for a dinner event or seminar or one large double width meeting table for twenty-eight. All three private dining rooms feature a collection of seventeen oil-on-canvas paintings of ranches by O. N. (Rick) de Grandmaison, one of the sons of Nicholas de Grandmaison.

This room is named for founding member John Pascoe Jermy Jephson, (1855-1923) who was a charter member of the Ranchmen's Club, serving as our first Secretary, and our President from 1902-1906.

Smith Bedroom:

The Smith Bedroom is the smallest of the three private dining rooms located on the second floor, seating up to ten people around a large round table. Finished with fine antiques and a bedroom dresser as a sideboard, it is ideal for family dinners or a small meeting.

The naming of the room as a bedroom relates to the Club's history of having bedrooms on the third floor of the Club and "Smith's Bedroom" as the spot where members would have been able to legally secure an alcoholic beverage during the prohibition years.


McPherson Room:

The McPherson Room is the mid-sized room of the three private dining rooms located on the second floor. It can accommodate up to eighteen people depending on the room set-up and is fully equipped for audio visual services, along with the other two private dining rooms in this area.

Named for Duncan Haldane MacPherson (1864- 1939), a rancher and one of the founding members of the Ranchmen’s Club. In the founding year of the Club, 1891, he served as Vice-President. MacPherson. He incorporated the High River Horse Company to raise horses, sheep and cattle and established a ranch near his friend’s Herbert Samson and Hugh Harford (also members of the Ranchmen's Club who have rooms named after them).


Mary Dover Room:

Located in the sunny southeast corner of the second floor, adjacent to the A.E. Cross Dining Room, the Mary Dover Room is a small private dining room that can seat up to six people.

This popular room is named for Mary Dover, the daughter of founding Ranchmen's Club member A.E. Cross and his wife Nell Macleod, the daughter of Calgary's founder Col. James Macleod, it features a painting of  Mary in her ranch's garden, her O.B.E., and a number of medals awarded to her for work as chief recruiting officer while a Major in the WWII Canadian Women's Army Corps during WWII. Mary Dover's family are still active members of the Club.